Ghauri expresses serious reservation on Protection of Pakistan Law

KARACHI: Senator Babar Ghauri has expressed serious reservations on the Protection of Pakistan Law and termed it a black law.

“This black law would be used as a pretext for the imposition of civil marshal law. On the one hand, the federal government has started peace negotiations with terrorists who has been killing our officers and jawans and blowing up our defence installations and releasing terrorists, while on the other hand, they have promulgated a black law to crush political workers,” he said in a statement.

He said that if the federal government would have been serious about elimination of terrorism from the country, then they would not have released Taliban militants.

“This law has been enforced as an ordinance for six months. Have this black law been used against terrorists who have killed our soldiers and attacked our defence installations? Have they used this law against sectarian beasts who have been killing people in the name of religion?, “ said Ghauri.

“This black law has been made to deprive people of their basic rights and crush political workers. The law can be used to violate human rights and persecute people. People who believe in human rights will not support this black law. All the opposition parties have opposed this bill when it was presented in the national assembly. However, the government get the law passed because of their numerical strength in the assembly,“ Senator Babar said.

Senator Babar said MQM had opposed this black law on all forums and would do so in the Senate.

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