Govt asked to redress wounds of Balochs

Karachi: Jamaat e Islami (JI) Amir Senator Sirajul Haq has asked from the government to dress the wounds of people of Balochistan and embrace them instead of pushing them to the wall.

Addressing a Meet the Press program of Karachi Press Club Saturday evening, the JI leader strongly condemned the brutal murder of 20 laborers in Turbat and condoled with the bereaved families. He, however, asserted that the Balochs are not against Pakistan but against the system of injustice and cruel feudalism. He said he has recently visited Turban, Ketch and other parts of Balochistan and witnessed abject poverty and deprivation there. He said he was a primary school which had been running without even a roof for past nine years.

He appealed to the government to listen to the grievances of Balochistan and address them on emergency basis. He said an Islamic and Khsuhhal (Prosperous) Pakistan would give equal rights to the people of all parts of the country.

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