Govt urged to facilitate research and education

KARACHI: “Research is pivotal to human development in any part of the world. Unfortunately, in South Asia and other developing regions there is a dearth of quality research.”

These views were expressed by Prof. Dr. Moonis Ahmar, Dean Faculty of Arts and Professor Department of International Relations, University of Karachi in the inaugural session of a two-day workshop on “Research Methodology”, organized by Department of International Relations, University of Karachi on Monday, 31st March, 2014.

He further said that there are various problems and conflicts which are required to be explored through a rigorous research process. Government should take measures to facilitate research and education.

Prof. Dr. Mutahir Ahmed, Chairman Department of International Relations, University of Karachi said in his speech that as a result of globalization, world has evolved into a complex entity. In order to understand complexities around us we need to adopt scientific approach. He further said that research process must be solution oriented as without it there is no use of research.

Dr. Anila Amber Malik, Chairperson Department of Psychology and workshop coordinator talked about various areas related to research which are covered in the workshop. She said that such activities are necessary to equip students and researchers with tools to conduct first-rate research.

Prof. Kaleem Raza Khan, Chairman, Department of English said in his speech that every research must contribute something new to its respective field.  He further said that research process starts with experience, followed by reasoning and then research is produced. He said that research must be systematic and one cannot do research in a haphazard manner. Reading and compiling is not research, it must have a tangible questions to be answered.

Dr. Nabeel Zubairi, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, gave presentation on the topics of Ethical and Legal Issues of Research and Plagiarism. Dr. Anila Amber Malik talked about Sampling in research while and Prof. Kaleem Raza Khan gave a presentation on Reviewing the Literature.

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