Haqiqi shows reservations on election process

KARACHI: Muhajir Qaumi Movement Haqiqi (MQM-H) on Tuesday expressed reservation on ongoing local government election procedure.

Talking to media at Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Tuesday, MQM-H vice chairman Shamshad Ghori alleged that state institutions are helping a particular party. He said in connivance with the police and administration candidates and workers of MQM-H are being harassed.

Criticizing the federal government he said national interests in Karachi are being ignored to achieve petty vested interests of the ruling parties.

He warned that if their reservations were not taken seriously, peace in Karachi may face a setback and the national economy suffers resultantly.

Ghori appealed to election commission, DG rangers, and IGP Sindh that they should take notice of bullying of a particular party in Karachi and play their role for free and fare election in the city. Local government polls in Karachi should be held under the supervision of army, he demanded.