Hepatitis injection supply resumes in Sindh

Karachi: Provincial Manager Chief Minister Sindh’s Hepatitis Prevention & Control Programme Dr Zahoor Baloch on Thursday said provision of Pegasys injection for patients suffering from Hepatitis C & D has been started in Sindh.

He said delivery of Pegasys injection is being started to 743 patients suffering from hepatitis C & B, while 900 other patients who are on waiting list would also get the injection soon. He said the pharmaceutical company had suspended the supply of injection over non-clearance of bills. He said the pharmaceutical firm has now provided the injection after the assurance of clearance bill within a week.

Dr Baloch said supply of Pegasys injection has been resumed across the Sindh province after a weeklong suspension. He further said 900 waiting patients of hepatitis C & D would also get injection soon. He said Pegasys injection is administered to those patients suffering from hepatitis C & D once a week, who could not get recovery from common interferon injection.

He explained that a course of 24 Pegasys injections is needed for hepatitis C patients and 48 injections for the patients suffering from hepatitis D.

He further said there are 79 centers running in the province under Hepatitis Prevention & Control Programme, out of them 54 established for vaccination, treatment and awareness purpose, while 25 for screening and vaccination.

Program Manager informed that 1792 new cases of hepatitis B virus were reported from July 2013 to February 2014. Similarly 15,238 new cases of hepatitis C and 246 cases of hepatitis D were reported in this time period. He informed that about 3510 new cases of hepatitis B, C and D were reported just in month of February 2014.

He said as per the Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC) survey there is 2.5 ratio of prevalence of hepatitis B and 4.9 rate of hepatitis C in Sindh province.

He explained contaminated surgical equipments, transfusions of unsafe blood, repeated use of barber shaving blade and unsafe sexual relationship are amongst the causes of hepatitis.

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