Hub and Gadani towns face acute water shortage

KARACHI: Maqsood Ismail, President Lasbela Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) on Tuesday demanded of the Balochistan government to supply adequate water to the Hub and Gadani towns.

In a statement, Maqsood Ismail demanded that in order to resolve issues of ongoing water crisis for huge population of Hub and Gaddani towns, and industries located in there, the ratio of the water supply from Hub Dam should be increased so that the major portion of water from Hub Dam might be available for people of Balochistan.

He further said that the people of Karachi had many other sources of water and they do not depend on the supplies of Hub Dam. On the other hand, the people of Hub and Gaddani towns of Lasbela District solely depend on the supplies from the Hub Dam.

He was of the opinion that the distribution formula agreed upon decades ago had now become unworkable due to increasing consumption of water due to heavy increase of population of this area.

He urged the Council of Common Interest of Pakistan (CCIP) to revise the distribution formula keeping in view the ground realities, so that a major portion of water from Hub Dam having about 71 % of encatchment area in Balochistan, should be available for the people of Hub and Gaddani and the industries.