Imtiaz sees ‘mother of all scandals’

KARACHI:,,, Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) MPA debating provincial budget in Sindh assembly on Thursday said a mega corruption scandal in Sindh, which he called the mother of all scandals, was in full swing in the name of reverse osmosis plants, in which a private company, a new East India Company of Sindh, is involved.

Taking part in general debate on provincial budget of Sindh, he said this budget only reflects poor governance, and it is further increased the feeling of deprivation among the masses. He said the structure of provincial government is shaky and it is routinely taking imprudent decisions like recruitments that lack transparency; that is why the courts are declaring null and void the decisions of the Sindh government every now and then. He said a large number of youth went jobless when their shoddy appointments were termed illegal by courts.

He said Karachi has been deprived of development and the case of his constituency, Shikarpur, is same. He said there is only one higher secondary girls’ school in Shikarpur. He said the citizens have been demanding another higher secondary girls’ school but the government is paying no heeds. He reminded that Shikarpur, which is now virtually in ruins and lack educational facilities, was one called the Paris of Sindh and was pioneer in field of education in this region. He said Shikarpur has become a big heap of garbage. A PC-1 for its drainage has been made and submitted but the government is not willing to fund it. He said the citizens of Shikarpur are only punished because they gave vote to the PML-F and the PPPP was defeated in Shikarpur.

He said the budget speech of Sindh chief minister had a plethora of contradictions. He said Sindh province has been running for years without a Chief Economist. He said due to inefficiency even the allocated budgetary funds were not spent last year. He said a massive funds of Rs44billion was allocated in the head of State Trading, despite Sindh government is not indulged in any trade. He said who would be made accountable for these huge funds. He said heavy funds were allocated for Waseela-e-Haq program and due to poor governance this program was not even initiated. He said there were several other big schemes that were also not initiated despite fund allocating and they included a scheme to upgrade 200 government schools.

Shaikh said in the budget of last year there was a hospital scheme which was supposed to be completed with assistance of Korea. He said the same scheme is again included this year and one could only hope this is completed this year. He said funds of Sindh Culture Department were spent to celebrate Sindh Festival.

He said he had spotted a mega corruption scandal in the name of setting up reverse osmosis plants. He claimed so far Rs35billion had been spent on the RO plants and 90percent of them are dysfunctional. He claimed all these plants are purchased from the same private company, which he termed a new East India Company of Sindh. He said even in Karachi two big RO plants in Lyari are dysfunctional and the assembly members could visit them. He said his party would soon hold a press conference to unveil ‘the mother of all scandals’.

Terming the Sindh budget a deception with Sindh people, he demanded withdrawing indirect taxes and giving relief to the masses. He demanded steps to improve municipal conditions of Shikarpur and solve its lingering drainage issue.

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