Incentive given to teaching staff

KARACAHI: With the approval of Competent Authority Chief Minister Sindh, Government of Sindh has allowed/sanctioned incentive of grant of high grade on the basis of time scale to the teaching staff under the administrative control of Bureau of Curriculum & Extension Wing, Sindh, Jamshoro.

According to a memorandum issued by Finance Department, the HST/Senior PTI/SLT/SDM/Arabic Teacher/Science Teacher / equivalent teachers of BS-15 will be sent to next higher grade i.e BS-17 after 09 years of service; from BS-17 to BS-18 after 14 years and BS-18 to BS-19 after 21 years.

Drawing Master/Drawing Instructor/Junior Drawing Instructor/Arts Instructors / equivalent teachers of BS-14 will be awarded next higher grade i.e. BS-15 after 9 years; BS-15 to BS-16 after 14 years and BS-16 to BS-17 after 21 years.

Drawing Teacher/Physical Training Instructor/Oriental Teacher/Junior School Teacher/Music Teacher/equivalent Teachers (BS-09) will be granted next grade i.e. BS-12 after 09 years; BS-12 to BS-14 after 14 years; BS-14 to BS-15 after 21 years and BS-15 to BS-16 after 25 years.

Primary School Teacher/equivalent Teachers (BS-07) will be awarded next higher grade BS- 10 after 09 years; BS-10 to BS-11 after 14 years; BS-11 to BS-14 after 21 years and BS-14 to BS-15 after 25 years.

However, the benefit of time scale will be considered and allowed on the recommendations of respective competent forum after scrutiny of service record/ACRs etc. instead of allowing by the simple notification/order. Higher Grade will be considered as perusal to the incumbent without allowing premature increment at the time of pay fixation in higher grade and the award of higher scale will not create any right to claim of higher post.

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