’Intolerance detrimental for democracy, society’

Karachi: Growing tendency to violence and intolerance is detrimental not only for democracy, but also for whole society, and rampant social injustice is compelling our young generation to think on different lines, said Usman Moazzam, secretary general of political party, Pasban e Pakistan, and candidate for NA-246 Karachi by-polls.

Talking to the voters of his constituency here Saturday, he said that intolerance of some political parties during the campaigning for NA-26 by-polls is not only harmful for democracy but it is giving a wrong message to our youth and compelling them to think on the wrong lines of adopting violence and intolerance.

He said the by-polls on NA-256 are not an “India-Pakistan war”, but just a by-election on a single national assembly seat. He said it is the beauty of the democratic system that the loser greets the winner open-heartedly. He said it seems that some political parties have already decided that their candidates would win at all costs, just on the basis of their election campaigning, which is totally wrong.

Usman Moazzam said the political parties instead of mudslinging like kids should show maturity and instead of fanning hatred amongst people should talk on the issues of voters. He said Karachi, a city of 20million people, faces real problems of water scarcity, electricity load shedding, public transport buses of virtual stone-age, police excesses, law and order and rampant joblessness amongst youth. He said these problems should be solved in assemblies and it is the responsibility of our elected representatives.

He said that a ‘silent majority’ of the voters of NA-246 supports Pasban. He hoped that with the struggle of Pasban, Karachi would get a new political culture in which the politics of non-issues would be ended for good, and replaced by an issue-based politics. He appealed to all political parties and general masses to display tolerance and democratic behavior during the election campaigning.

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