ISQua accepts abstracts submitted by Dr Ziauddin Hospital

Karachi: For the very first time, a service department from Dr Ziauddin Hospital participated in the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) abstract submission and fortunately, both the submissions were accepted to be presented.

The topics covered by the abstracts were: “Re-engineering: The process of Document Management” and “An interoperable model to bridge systems working in silos.”

The abstracts were submitted by Ms Anjum Khamisani, MS RHIA, CHTS-PW, Head of the Medical Record Department and Out-Patient Department at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Clifton, Karachi.

ISQua is a global organization that originated back in 1984. ISQua’s mission is to inspire, promote and support continuous improvement for the safety and quality of healthcare around the world. An annual conference is held in October, every year ad this year it is being held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Abstracts received from all over the world are evaluated by a specialized scientific committee and the accepted few are presented in the form of poster displays, a 5 minute oral presentation or 15 minutes oral presentation.

Accepted participants are sponsored by institutions and they are chosen solely on the basis of an innovative idea introduced by them at the workplace focused on improving healthcare quality. One of the major incentives of participating in the program is the opportunity to receive international recognition for the organization and the opportunity to network and learn from quality initiatives by other organizations.

Ms Khamisani along with her team developed a system in which all computers followed the same language creating an interoperable system. This was implemented at the outpatient department to bridge the systems working individually (in silos). The key features of the system are the online ordering of lab tests and radiology tests, the pharmacy online checkout system and unified MR# throughout the care continuum including all diagnostic services. This does not only unify the system but also streamlines operations to attain optimum performance in terms of efficiency.

Furthermore, steps were taken towards re-engineering the process of document management in the Medical Record Department. The key feature of the process is the Patient Record Indexing which enables physicians to view previous encounter’s medical record documents at their desktop. This system is unique relative to other leading hospitals in the country. Additionally, it has contributed towards automation at an operational level at Ziauddin Hospital Clifton which will have a positive impact on improving the continuous care of patients.

Dr Ziauddin Hospital is focused on strengthening efforts to cultivate and increase the use of IT tools to help improve the quality and efficiency of the delivery of healthcare. The Medical Record Department at Dr Ziauddin Hospital works to maximize successful adoption of digital records across the healthcare spectrum and supports the development of a robust workforce.

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