Israeli atrocities on Palestinians slated

KARACHI: Former mayor Karachi Naimatullah Khan said on Wednesday that Israeli atrocities on Palestinians was a shameful act for the civilized world. Muslim world should get up and raise voice for their right against the evil.

He said hundreds of women, children and men had been killed ruthlessly. The evil was back-to-back attacking, but the so-called civilized world had kept their eyes closed, he said.

“Muslim rulers have become silent spectators. Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) has failed in playing its active role, which has strengthened the evil system. Human rights champion America’s support of evil has made Muslim world unprotected,” Khan said.

He said innocent children, women and men were being martyred, but, human rights proponents had closed their eyes and America had become abettor of Israel’s interests.

Khan appealed to OIC and world leaders to wake up and play their role by getting Israel’s barbarism on Palestinians stopped.

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