JI decries poor infrastructure in Sindh

Karachi: Civic infrastructure in both urban and rural areas of Sindh is crumbling while the personal bank balances of corrupt rulers are increasing with every passing day, said Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Sirajul Haq.

Addressing a Khatam-Bukhari Shareef ceremony at Mansoora, Hala, he said seminaries are playing an important role in spreading Islamic values and religious knowledge. He said the government should realize their importance in our educational system.

He said poverty and joblessness is on the rise and poor people are compelled to sell their children. He said in rural areas of Sindh there are no educational and drinking water facilities, while roads and streets are broken. He said the ruling Waderas have been looting the resources of Sindh with both hands.

He said the problems of the poor to stay till making Pakistan a real Islamic welfare state. He said the country has been waiting implementation of Islamic laws for 69 years. He said today every child of Pakistan is under the burden of IMF and World Bank loans. He said there should be one law for the rich and the poor. He said this dream could only be realized when people do not give vote to corrupt elements.

He strongly condemned the Safoora Chowrangi bus firing incident and demanded arrest of the killers.

JI Sindh chapter amir Dr Merajul Huda, Rashid Naseem and other leaders also spoke.

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