JI demands ‘Pakistani language’ for Pakistan

Karachi: Jamaat e Islami (JI) has demanded a ‘Pakistani language” for Pakistan, which should have a flavor of all regional languages of the country.

Addressing a ‘meet the press’ program of Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Saturday, Amir JI Karachi Sirajul Haq said only those nation attain progress and prosperity that adopt their own national language, and use it for official purpose, as well as, education.

He regretted that since the independence of Pakistan our rulers have failed to implement our own national language in the country. He said the rulers of still mental slaves of the British and hence they are not ready so say farewell to English. He said we are Pakistanis and we need a “Pakistani language” which may not be Urdu, but to have the flavor of all languages of Pakistan.

He said the dual educational system is the main cause of our backwardness, because in this class-based system the children or the rich and the poor are taught differently. He said there should be a uniform educational system for the children of both poor and rich. He said up to the matriculation there should be no separate “school” or madrisa (seminary) education. He said all students who want to become religious scholars, scientists, or social science expert must learn same syllabus and take same examination up to Matricualtion (Class X). He said after passing Matricualtion, these students should decide to further their education in religious studies or contemporary science and social sciences subjects.

Stressing Pakistani language for Pakistanis, he said Pakistan cannot attain progress and prosperity till its national language is fully implemented at official and educational level.

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