JPMC seeks rangers’ help to remove encroachments

KARACHI: Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) administration has sought rangers’ help to remove illegal encroachments from the premises of institution, PPI learned here on Tuesday.

Sources at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center on condition of anonymity said the hospital administration had sent a letter to Director General Rangers Sindh, requesting him to help hospital administration in removal of illegal encroachments from the hospital, as the encroachers have occupied JPMC land, flats and hostels since long and they have refused to vacate them despite repeated requests of the management.

The JPMC accommodation committee has issued several notices to illegal encroachers but they refused to vacate quarters, hostels and flats. The administration has requested the rangers to coordinate with Saddar police to get vacated the hospital land from encroachers.

The hospital administration has been facing extra burden of millions of rupees annually in account of utility bills and other things being used by these encroachers free of cost. The administration is planning to launch an anti-encroachment drive in the premises this week with the support of law enforcement agencies.

The sources said hospital administration also issued notices to over 50 employees including doctors, paramedical staff and nurses who had sub-let their government quarters getting hefty rent from private persons.

Deputy Director Admin & Focal Person Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center Dr Jawaid Jamali when contacted confirmed that the letter had already been sent to the angers for removal of encroachments, established in the premises of hospital for last seven to eight years.

He said around 24 acres land of the hospital has been encroached illegally in last few years. He said encroachers have built their houses on the hospital land without any permission and they are utilizing electricity, water and gas of the hospital. He said a result-oriented anti-encroachment drive will start in the hospital with assistance of law enforcement agencies soon.

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