Ju-Jitsu National Championship begins today

Karachi: The 10th edition of the Ju-Jitsu National Championship 2015 begins today (Friday) in Lahore. All the affiliated units of Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation (PJJF) will participate in the tournament, which consists of Fighting System, Ne-Waza (BJJ) and Duo System.

Around 300 participants are likely to participate in this three-day event. WAPDA is the defending champion.

The event will be telecasted live on different TV channels and would also serve as selection criteria of national team for the upcoming South Asian and Asian Championships 2015.

For the very first time, PJJF in collaboration with PSB will conduct the doping test of the players to discourage the use of drugs and to promote fair play at national level.

The sample taken during the event will be sent for test to the approved laboratories of WADA. PJJF have issued notification in this regard. If any player would not cooperate in this regard, the player will be banned from participation in other events or even lose the title.

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