Judicial commission sought to probe Thar deaths

Karachi: Secretary-General Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Sindh Dr Khalid Mehmood Soomro and Deputy Secretary General Mohammd Aslam Ghori said on Monday that judicial commission should be formed to investigate the mortalities due to malnutrition and epidemic diseases in Thar.

They were talking to delegation headed by Chief of JUI Malir Maulana Ahsanullah, General Secretary Mufti Abdul Munam and Syed Ikram Shah Sheerazi. They said the assassination attack on Maulana Fazul-ur-Rehman was a pre-panned conspiracy in which local agents were involved who works on foreign agenda and who think that Rehman is only the politician who has political understanding besides being a defending personality against the international agents for democracy of this country and strengthening of Islamic values.

They said the persons or the powers who want to weakening Pakistan and want to harm the solidarity of country should know that Maulana and JUI were biggest obstacle in their way and that was why they were targeting Maulana Fazul-ur-Rehman and other leadership of the party repeatedly.

They said that their ex-members of national assembly Maulana Hassan Jan, Maulana Mairajuddin and Maulana Noor Mohammd have sacrified their lives for completion of mission. They said that dirty tactics would be used to stop the mission of JUI.

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