K-E lauds installation of low-cost meters

KARACHI: K-Electric, formerly KESC has lauded efforts made by its team and the residents of Syed Village & Bilawal Jokhio Goth for installing new ‘Low-Cost’ meters.

The site was infested with illegal connections or ‘Kundas’ and therefore was a High-Loss area through which K-Electric was suffering losses of millions. K-Electric appreciates the residents of Syed Village who worked tirelessly and willingly to get these illegal connections replaced by new Low-Cost Meters after agreeing to pay the cost of such meters as well.

Providing details, a K-E release said that K-Electric received almost 400 applications and Test Forms from the residents which showed that the residents wanted to have legit meters installed instead of the illegal connections. The KE team set up a camp at Syed Village and the team installed around 150 meters in the area with the help of the residents, and this number is set to increase to 500 meters within the next couple of days out of a total of the 520 low privileged houses in the area. This has been one of the unique examples of active involvement of the community who played a vital role in facilitating the KE team.

KE’s spokesman added ‘This gives out a very strong message to the masses, that if they want to turn their High-Loss areas into Low-Losses by reducing theft and losses in their respective areas, they will be exempted from Load-shedding’.

Press statement added that the new ‘Aerial Bundled Cables’ were installed in the area on which a hook connection (Kunda) is impossible. KE hopes that residents of other High-Loss areas in the city stop resisting and cooperate with KE and follow a similar path, as reduction in losses would simply translate into lesser hours of Load-shedding.

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