K-Electric denies major breakdown at Dhabeji, Gharo

KARACHI: K-Electric has categorically denied KWSB’s reports which said that there was a major breakdown at Dhabeji and Gharo pumping stations due to which water supply to Karachi has been badly affected.

Giving some details, spokesman KE said that the breakdown occurred at approximately 0215 hrs on Saturday, but the KE team, treating such feeders as strategic, restored electricity by 0235 hrs which was hardly 20 minutes.

It is worth mentioning here that despite of tall claims for better cause of the city KWSB to date does not have any backup supply arrangements even for small surges or power interruptions at their pumping stations.

K-Electric has already introduced and successfully implementing special relief plan on Sahar and Aftaar timings for the Holy Month of Ramzan, but on the other side it seems that KWSB instead of extending relief to the citizens will continue with the blame game, and instead of improving their own system and network, will blame others for their incompetence.

KWSB who is also a defaulter of more than PKR 29 billion, as always has exaggerated the situation and stopped its water supply to Karachi using the breakdown as an excuse. KE’s spokesman was astounded as to how a 20 minute breakdown could lead to such water scarcity. K-Electric’s press statement also put forward a question for the media community, that why was it that water-board’s network usually breaks down and fails to provide water to the citizens of Karachi, whereas on the other hand illegal water hydrants run their operations freely and 24/7, through tankers who are constantly busy supplying water in all parts of Karachi, including posh areas.

KE clarified once again that the obsolete machinery and equipment at the KWSB premise was a major cause of concern, and despite lamenting and putting the entire blame on KE, to date, KWSB had not invested in an alternate source either.

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