K-Electric, FIA unearth another big power theft

KARACHI: The K-Electric (KE) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) teams accompanied by the KE police raided Diamond CNG Station near Masjid Qudsia in Nazimabad in which electricity theft of almost Rs 15.6 million was being committed. The KE team calculated the overall dues including penalty which accumulated to a total of Rs 3.5 crore.

According to the press statement, the manager and few others were arrested on the spot and questioned by FIA.

The inspection of the aforementioned locations revealed that electricity theft was being carried out through direct underground and load in use was calculated as 162.393 KW.

The consumer had connected 120mm square cable from low tension service to a self-made transformer to get proper voltages for the CNG compressor. Culprits were stealing electricity for a summer water pump also. The consumer has three connections but their meters were missing.

KE along with the FIA has been conducting an anti-theft drive allover Karachi, It vows to continue such drives so that theft of electricity can be controlled.

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