Karachi commuters await cut in bus fare

Karachi: The Karachi commuters’ rights campaign (KCRC) has demanded cut in bus fares in Karachi, as the government has once again slashed the oil prices with a big margin.

The Campaign was dismayed that the public transporters of Karachi did not give benefit of previous two cuts in oil prices to the commuters of the city and sadly the Sindh transport department also remained hand in glove with the transporter mafia. There is no law in Sindh province to protect the rights of consumers, especially commuters.

The transporter mafia has been cheating Karachi commuters for decades by using cheap CNG and charging bus fare on the basis of use of diesel. The government, transporters and commuters know that public transport of Karachi is totally run on the CNG, but no effort is being taken to re-fix the bus fares in the city on the basis of CNG, with a provision of separate bus fares for the days with CNG closure.

The Campaign reiterated its demand that all public transport vehicles in Karachi be pained in red color, the so-called ‘Coaches” be declared as ordinary minibuses as they do not run on seat by seat basis, rooftops from all minibuses should be removed, commuters be given tickets after chagrining fare, minibuses be replaced with wide-bodies buses, and new bus routes be announced and given to the transporters who are willing to run road-fit wide-bodies CNG buses on them and the lingering demand of Karachiites to revive Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) should be accepted.

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