Karachi operation to continue till complete peace: corps commander

KARACHI: Corps Commander Karachi Lt General Naveed Mukhtar on Saturday said there was no option of failure and the operation against every kind of criminals and their facilitators would continue in Karachi until a complete peace was achieved.

“We are fighting terrorists, target killers, extortionists, kidnappers and other professional criminals. Extraordinary actions shall be adopted to counter challenges in the city, where from drug peddlers to Al Qaeda activists are present,” he said while addressing a seminar on ‘Peace, Security and Governance’, organized by National Defence University at a local hotel.

He said Karachi provides 65 percent of revenue to Pakistan and different kinds of mafias had made their dens here. All the stakeholders should help the law enforcers against militants and different mafias in the city. Several idols have already been smashed and the operation started in the interest of the nation would continue till the restoration of peace.

“Implementation of law is a part of practical measures. Police and administration should be apolitical. Maintaining law and order is our responsibility and we would not let go sacrifices of thousands of military men and citizens in vain. Nobody could defeat the nation which has been giving sacrifices,” he said.

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