Karachi urgently needs green buses: expert

KARACHI: There is dire need to bring back the green buses to city’s streets again that operated under the mass transit project only for one year in the city and then stopped during the tenure of city nazim Mustafa Kamal, said Prof Mir Shabbar Ali, Chairman Department of Urban and Infrastructure Engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi.

The issue of acute shortage of public transport could not be resolved in the city, the economical hub of Pakistan till brining back green buses and other such projects, he said adding it is also injustice with Karachiites that they are deprived of urban public transport system.

The non-seriousness of government pertaining to resolve the shortage of public transport still prevails and affects a large number of commuters in the metropolis, he added.

Prof Mir Shabbar said the Sindh government has initiated the project of Bus Rapid Transit in Karachi but it was ended abruptly. He said that the government should run environmental-friendly green buses that have been presently parked idle in workshops for many years.

He said these green buses should be given to some private company and the government should give it subsidy for lower fare charges so that commuters could be benefited and public transport issue of Karachi could be resolved on urgent basis.

Shabbar said after the ban on Chingchi rickshaws by SHC the problem for common man had increased due to the acute shortage of public transport in the city. He said there is only 4.5 percent public transport against 45 percent of commuters who use public transport. He regretted that governments in developed countries always focus on their urban transport systems but in Pakistan urban areas are most affected and ignored in this regard.

He said no other but only government could resolve the issue pertaining to shortage of public transport if it shows serious attention towards urban transportation.