KBA opposes establishment of military courts

KARACHI: Karachi Bar Association (KBA) on Monday expressed opposition to the proposed military courts, demanding protection for the judges who try terror suspects.

KBA convened its general body meeting to protest the setting up of military courts to tackle terrorism-related cases. KBA president in the chair and the lawyers present at meeting decried the establishment of such courts.

Addressing the meeting, KBA president Sallahuddin Ahmed said the proposed military courts were totally unacceptable because no provision of the constitution allowed their establishment. He added the government will have to enact new legislation to set up these courts.

He said military courts were also established in past but they harmed the democratic system. He said the lawyers supported the military operation, Zarb-e-Azab, because it was being carried out to eliminate the terrorism, but formation of military courts was not solution to the problem.

He said if the judges, who conduct trials of the terror suspects, given protocol in similar way given to the military officers, it would give good results. He called upon the government to give protection to the judges and provide all-out resources to facilitate them clear backlog of terrorism cases.

Newly elected KBA president, Naeem Qureshi, senior advocate Shahadat Awan and others also spoke.

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