KE announces successful installation of LT poles

KARACHI: K-Electric (KE) on Thursday announced the successful installation of LT poles along with aerial bundled cables (ABC) and 73 new low-cost meters for the underprivileged residents of Gulshan–e–Sikandrabad, Keamari.

The ABC project was conducted in order to reduce the Kunda culture and losses. A one-stop shop was conducted so that these under-privileged residents could get electricity via KE infrastructure.

There were a total of 238 houses in the area that had no energy meters installed, therefore, to facilitate these consumers low tension poles were installed with a 95mm of low tension ABC.

Since the installation of the low tension poles, 50% of the consumers have paid their dues to benefit from the new connection under the MNCV Scheme.

KE spokesperson added, “The drive to install new energy meters in the Gulshan–e– Sikandrabad sends out a very strong message to the masses on KE’s dedication in providing energy to its consumers.

It also seeks their determination in eliminating illegal hook connections, reducing theft and losses in the long run.

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