Khuhro distributes scholarships among teachers

KARACHI: Sindh Senior Minister for Education Nisar Ahmed Khuhro on Thursday distributed scholarships and teachers training course certificates among junior and primary school teachers of the Sindh province at a ceremony in Karachi.

The teachers training course certificates were distributed among 39 junior school teachers and 25 primary school teachers. The scholarships were given to 39 school teachers.

The event was also attended by Secretary Education Fazlullah Pechuhu, Counsellor Development and Head Aid Canada David Fournier, First Secretary Development Canada Robert Snider and Project Director Sindh Elementary Teachers Training Program Rehan Iqbal Baloch.

Addressing the participants, Khuhro thanked Canada for providing assistance to province in building capacity of its teachers and called for more international help in education sector of the province in order to help build the capacity of the sector.

Khuhro said that the international community should come forward to train at least 40,000 schools principals in the province in order to improve level of education in the province. “Principals are team leaders and their training will help them to lead the institutions in a better way,” he said.

Khuhro appreciated Canada for providing training to Sindh teachers. “The world has changed and this teachers training program from Canada has helped our teachers to maintain international standards,” he said.

He said that teachers training bring quality education, better attitude of teachers towards students and aptitude for leadership and community development.

The senior minister said that education is a nation building department and teachers are a force in this competitive world. “A better trained child could prove an asset for nation in future,” he said adding that teachers are mentors of our generations.

He said that despite having lack of facilities, Sindh had produced several big names as writers, speakers and intellectuals.

Additional Secretary Education Fazlullah Pechuhu said that the education department was facing severe challenges including lack of quality education. He said that role of teachers training program was pivotal in increasing the skills of teachers.

He appreciated Canadian cooperation in the education sector and said that their grant had paved way for improvement of 42 teachers training institutions in the province.

He said that this program was initiated seven years ago and proper attention during the last two years from Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah and Nisar Ahmed Khuhro had helped bring the program on track. He said that 2014 is the last year of this program and the provincial government still had Rs 512 million in hands to spend on this project. Pechuhu said that 3000 primary and junior teachers had been trained during this training project.

David Fournier said that Canada wants Pakistan to succeed and therefore it had extended its cooperation to bring improvement in education sector. “We are cooperating with Pakistan to stable economic growth through participation of more women in society, capacity building of democratic institutions and safeguarding youth and children rights,” he said.

Fournier said that Canada had provided assistance of C$132 million in education sector. He applauded Sindh government and district officials for making teachers training program a success. He said that these teachers could make a difference for Pakistan in future.

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