KMC depts asked to finalize budget demands

KARACHI: Karachi Metropolitan Commissioner Samiuddin Siddqui has instructed to all departmental heads to finalize their recommendations regarding the upcoming budget of 2015-16 immediately, as the preparation of budget could complete on time.

He said this, while presiding over the meeting on Monday for preparation of budget.

Parks and Horticulture Financial Advisor Afaq Saeed, representatives of KDA Public Housing Scheme, Transport and Communication, KMC Secretariat, Information Technology, Municipal Services Department, Finance and Accounts, Education Department, Enterprise and Investment Promotion, Municipal Utility Charges, Katchi Abadi, Technical Service department, Health and Medical Services were present.

Siddiqui said the planning should be carefully done for the next fiscal year and all departmental heads should bring such projects which give immediate relief to citizens. He instructed Local Text Department, Municipal Utility Taxes and Revenue to ensure making their targeted goals, bring acceleration in recovery and find new resources for revenue.