KMC employees asked to open account in Sindh Bank

KARACHI: Administrator Karachi Saqib Ahmed Soomro on Thursday directed all the departmental heads of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to ensure opening of bank accounts of their staffs in the Sindh Bank by the 30th April 2015 or their salary would be stopped.

“Only those employees will get salary who would have their accounts in the Sindh Bank. The officer who signed the salary bill of any ghost employee will be held answerable. The Sindh government has issued clear instructions for withholding of ghost employees’ salaries and their services will be terminated after this,” he said in a meeting with departmental heads in the committee room of Civic Centre Metropolitan Commissioner Samiuddin Siddiqui was also present on the occasion.

The administrator Karachi said it was duty of the officers to discipline any illegal work and in case any illegal activity was going on in any department, the departmental head would be held responsible. He said there was no justification for paying salary to those who were not attending their duty.

“KMC will save millions of rupees by withholding the salaries of ghost employees. Over Rs1.8 million were saved after the salaries of ghost employees in City Wardens department were stopped. The saved sum will be used for timely disbursement of salaries to the punctual and dedicated staff as well as pension to the retired employees and also for development works in the city,” he said.

He directed all the departmental heads to maintain their all records. He said ghost employees would not be spared in any case and they will be terminated, however, those who were attending their duty punctually should not be worried.

Soomro said the government has given clear instructions that all municipal staff must open their personal account in the Sindh Bank and any negligence in this regard would be considered as violation of orders.

The KMC officers on this occasion informed him that the Sindh Bank was not extending cooperation in opening of staff account and their forms were being sent back with petty objections. Administrator Saqib Soomro on this said to the metropolitan commissioner to solve this issue with the coordination of Sindh Bank.

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