KMC moves to clean sweep Saddar on court’s order

KARACHI: On the directive of Sindh High Court, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Anti-Encroachment Department in support of heavy police contingent removed encroachments around Empress Market in large number in busy Saddar area on Saturday.

A heavy contingent of KMC officers along police demolished many pushcarts and illegally established shops and confiscated the others. While, some encroaching shopkeepers protested and raised slogans against them. Assistant commissioner Saddar was also present on the occasion.

The operation against encroachments would be carried out on Sunday as well to scavenge Saddar from encroachments, Senior Director Anti-Encroachment Bilal Manzar told PPI.

“The operation has been started on the court’s orders and in fact most of the anti-encroachment operations these days were carried out only on court’s orders to save ourselves from legal issues as we do not have many funds to cater the anti-encroachment needs of the city. The fuel for the operation was managed for the operation after cutting it from KMC officers’ allotment,” he said.

He said previously the pushcarts, benches and other stuff was returned after charging fine; however, it would not be returned this time.

Replying a query, he said he could not say anything for sure that how fast the encroachments would reemerge. It was law enforcement agencies’ job to keep vigil on the encroachers and not let them set up their businesses on roads.

Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui talking to PPI said, hopefully, this time police would be more active under the influence of court orders to let not the businesses set up again on roads.

“Commissioner House is trying its best to coordinate with the relevant departments to solve the issues people encounter in the city,” he said.

He said that KMC and police when asked would tell the story of the issues they faced. KMC faces manpower of officers to remove the encroachments.

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