KMC unable to clean overflowing gutter at its own building

Karachi: Notwithstanding tall claims of making Karachi clean and tidy the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has yet to get cleaned a major sever overflowing in front of one of its own important buildings, CDGK Car Parking Plaza, situated on the New Preedy Street.

The sewer has been overflowing for more than two years and it has damaged road and footpath in front of the car parking plaza, creating problems not only for motorists, commuters and pedestrians but also for the people who come to park their vehicles in the multi-storied car parking plaza.

Crippling traffic jams are witnessed outside the car parking plaza during rush hours due to the overflowing sewerage line. Even the manholes in front of the plaza building are without covers. The stagnant water on the street is spreading waterborne diseases like malaria and dengue but the KMC and other concerned authorities are unmoved.

The minister for local government Sharjeel Inman Memon, secretary local government Imran Atta Soomro and KMC administrator Saqib Soomro should take notice of this choked gutter line overflowing for last two years and order its cleaning and covering of open manholes on priority basis.