KWSB needs turning pumping stations solar

KARACHI: Karachiites face immense problems now and then due to suspension of electricity supply to the water pumping stations of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB).

Due to ever-increasing electricity tariffs the use of solar energy is getting popular with every passing day. Like other parts of Pakistan, Karachi also enjoys abundant sunshine which could easily be utilized in making solar power. This green and cheap energy if utilized by the KWSB would give it rid of dependence on costlier and undependable commercial electricity and lower its production costs.

Recently, Engro Fertilizers has opened the first ever solar-powered computer lab in Noor Lakhan School, District Ghotki Sindh Pakistan. Though this is a small-scale experience for a modest school lab with 15 computers, but it could also be replicated on mega scale. In fact KWSB owns vast tracks of land in Karachi and its suburban areas where a couple of mini-solar parks could be easily established if there is vision and political will at higher level.

Though, setting up solar power generation mechanisms is a costly process, but the national service delivery organizations like KWSB could easily get loans and bank financing for such projects. Students and researchers of universities of engineering and technology can also help the KWSB to set up pilot projects of solar energy. KWSB is paying billions of rupees every year to pay its electricity bills, even the citizens cannot get regular and dependable supply of water due to frequent power outages at its pumping stations. The KWSB could easily save these billions of rupees and provide a better service delivery if it seriously considers the option of going solar.

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