Legal notice to KU for conduct tests through NTS

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan has challenged the decision of Karachi University to appoint National Testing Service (NTS) for conducting tests selection of candidates and teachers and conducting tests for admissions, scholarships and appointments, and in this regard send a legal notice to the vice chancellor of Karachi University.

Legal advisor of Pasban Khuram Lakhani on behalf of Pasban legal assistance Mohammad Bilal Qureshi in his legal notice said as per the order of Lahore High Court vide case no. W.P. No.28028/2011, passed by Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah it was upheld that NTS is not an officially approved National Testing Service.

It further said that the universities and other academic institution recognized by HEC are not under any lawful obligation to conduct tests organized by NTS or be bound by the results of the NTS in the matter of selection/ admissions or grant of scholarship. The NTS does not have any approval under the Higher Education Ordinance, 2002 to hold itself to be as National Testing Body in the terms of section 10(1) (n) of the Ordinance.

The notice said that HEC through proper channel will propose an amendment in ordinance/ Rule in order to provide a proper regulatory statutory framework for establishing, monitoring and supervising a “National Testing Service”. Till such time that proper legislation is put in place. HEC will not initiate the process of selecting and appointing a national testing body under the Ordinance.

The notice said again the University of Karachi is organizing/ holding NTS for selection/ hiring or admission which is a clear violation of order of LHC.

The notice called to cancel the NTS organized by Karachi University for appointing/ selecting or admission or grant of scholarship which is illegal and rights are reserved to initiate legal action against the KU within the period of seven days of receipt of the notice.

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