Lifestyle changes necessary to cope with diabetes

Karachi: Karachi University Chairperson Dept. of Biochemistry Prof. Dr. Viqar Sultana said that according to a report by WHO 350 million people worldwide are affected with diabetes while in South Asia the figure is 71.4 million that will increase to 120 million in 2030.

In 2012, 1.5 million people died due to diabetes and according to a research in 2030 diabetes will be the 7th largest cause of death in the world. 7.1 million people are suffering with Diabetes in Pakistan and this figure will be increased to 11.4 million if adequate measures are not taken.

Use of insulin is very useful for this disease and the ratio of patients usage of insulin the western countries is around 80 % while in the developing nations this ratio is not more then 20 % which results in the high rate of diabetes in the developing nations.

She was addressing in a seminar on World Diabetes Day 2015 entitled “Healthy Living and Diabetes” on today November 16th 2015 at 10:00 am organized by Department of Biochemistry KU at the Lecture Hall, Biochemistry Department KU.

Dr. Zafar Iqbal said that our youth and researchers must focus on the causes of diabetes as it will help a lot in controlling this disease. It also effects country’s economy as a large number of people become unable to play their roles in the betterment of the nation and the country.

Dr. Saima Rasheed of National Medical Centre said that one stick of French fries contains 10 calories while burger and soft drink consume around 1400 calories which is not good for health. Late breakfast and late dinner have become common which is really not adequate. Exercise is essential and vital for maintaining health.

Dr. Shamim A Qureshi said that anxiety, life style and depression prevailing in the society are the main causes of the increase of diabetes. Adequate awareness must be ensured in order to tackle with this disease.