’Load shedding during exam season not acceptable’

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan general secretary and candidate for the by-polls on NA-246 Karachi Usman Moazzam Thursday said electricity load shedding during the season of class 9th and 10th exams in Karachi is not acceptable, and the government should put a complete ban on electricity load shedding in whole city during full exam season.

Addressing a meeting here, he said the first point of Pasban’s manifesto is to promote education. He said no compromise could be made on education, which is the only hope for Pakistan. He said the government bans electricity load shedding even on the days of important cricket matches. He asked if any cricket match could be more important than the exams of our young students, on which depends their entire future. He said more than 0.35 million boy and girl students have been preparing for the exams and the prolonged load shedding in this hot weather is badly affecting their study. He said only 0.5percent of these students may have the facility of standby generators at their homes, while for 99.5percent other students the load shedding hours means no-study hours.

He regretted that the schedule of exam preparation of these students has already been disturbed due to the by-polls in NA-246. He was of the opinion that the by-polls were not more important than the exams of 0.35million Karachi students. He said the government should realize the difficulties being faced by innocent students due to the changed schedule coupled with the prolonged load shedding which is even more than 10 hours a day in some slum areas.

Talking about his electioneering, Usman Moazzam said they would start their campaign with a rally on April 4 night. He said running their election campaigns in peaceful manner is the right of all candidates and political parties, and it is the responsibility of the government and its law enforcing agencies to take foolproof steps to maintain peace in Karachi, especially in NA-246 constituency.

He said for holding free and fair elections it is a must that all candidates enjoy a free hand to run their campaigns without fear. He regretted some political elements are trying to bully their rival parties in NA-246 constituency. He reminded that Karachi politicians who reached the assemblies during last 67 years have done nothing to solve the burning problems of Karachiites. They are only concerned to protect their petty vested interests. He said Pasban pledges to resolve the problems of Karachiites as it is comprised of patriotic, young, fearless and corruption-free cadres.

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