Malaysian educationist emphasized to encourage research work

Karachi: Dean, Economics and Administration Malaya University, Malaysia Dr. Noor Azina Ismail said that research help us to change life and thinking which leads toward positive impacts on life pattern, it is the responsibility of universities and government as well to encourage research activities by providing sufficient funds in this respect. These views she expressed while addressing to opening session M.A. Jinnah University Karachi first international Conference on Business and Management held last evening.

PMLN Senator, Nihal Hashmi and G.M. Marketing, Pak Suzuki Motors Azam Mirza was also present in the conference. A large number of educationist and business personalities attended the conference.

Dr. Noor Azina Ismail said that as a result of research work in economic sector new products and technology is introduced besides improvement in services while in social sector we may see increase in knowledge of relevance issues of policy makers. She told that Malaya University is number one among best universities in Malaysia and 29 in Asia where 32 developed studies are being carried out. She hoped that in future Malaysia will be known regional hub in higher education. She informed that Malaya University will contribute towards increase in foreign investment.

Dr. Noor said that at present our challenges are mindset teaching strategy versus ethics, quality versus quantity and Science versus social sciences/ arts and humanity. She emphasized that one can have good strategy but he also need good ethics, a good leader should know difference in and social sciences.

Addressing to conference Senator Nihal Hasmi appreciated Malaysian leader Mahatir Mohammad during his 20 years regime his country remarkable achievement development in socio economic development which is a role model for Muslim countries. He said that whatever resources were available to Malaysia are also available to Pakistan but we cannot utilize our available resources to achieve goals of our national development.

He said that it is our tragedy that our talented youths are working for developed countries rather than to work for their country.