Massive load-shedding torments people in Ramazan

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KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has expressed serious concern about the increasing short fall of the electricity in the country, due to which the government has increased the duration of load-shedding across the country which has added to the miseries of the masses.

Secretary General, Pakistan Medical Association (Centre), Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad, in his statement said that the government had repeatedly claimed that load-shedding would be wiped out but the situation on the ground was getting worst day by day. He said people were facing immense difficulties due to massive load shedding amid scorching heat. He said long hours load shedding and electric supply faults in the county were creating serious health issues.

He lamented that people were losing both mental and physical health due to such tremendous power crisis despite the cases of cardiac, blood pressure, diabetes and dehydration were on the rise. “Irritability among people is also increasing. People are using noisy generators, which cause environmental pollution and creating serious health problems. Because of this situation people could not sleep properly.”

Dr Sajjad said besides the claims of PML-N government in the center since from last four years, the energy shortfall in the country persisted and continued to haunt the nation. The federal minister for water and power seemingly remained focused on his other scope of responsibility i.e. the defense ministry, leaving the latter to the minister of state, who again remained very active in making claims and giving magic statements rather than resorting to take concrete measures. NEPRA is also adding to the pain of the masses by accelerating electric tariff without providing electricity.

He demanded of the federal government to take immediate steps to ensure power generation at full capacity and address the issue as a top priority so that the agony of the people of Pakistan could be reduced in the holy month of Ramazan.

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