Metabolic Disorder Group formed at DUHS

KARACHI: Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) has formed a Metabolic Disorder Group for timely diagnosing and treatment of diseases emerged in children in the result of inter-family marriages.

This was informed by Head of Department of Paediatric DUHS Prof Dr Aisha Mehnaz while talking to media men at DUHS. She said inter-family marriages are causing storage disorder disease in children which later cause mental and physical disabilities among them.

She said such diseases could not easily be diagnosed and no proper equipment is available at big government run hospitals for timely identifying such diseases in the country. She said treatment of these diseases is very costly which could not be afforded by poor people. She said neck tumour in children is common disease, which occur due to inter-family marriages.

She informed that metabolic disorder group meeting was recently held at DUHS attended by Prof Saleem Ilyas, Dr Zeba, Dr Shaheen, Prof DS Akram and others.

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