Metro bus service demanded for Karachi

KARACHI: President Karachi Transport Action Committee Muhammad Ashraf Banglori on Sunday criticized the legalization of Qingqi rickshaws by Chief Minister Sindh.

Banglori said that the mega city Karachi needed Metro Bus Service but not qingqi rickshaws. He said that the legalization of qingqi rickshaws would deprive Karachi citizens of advanced transport system.

He said that the horse carts, qingqi rickshaws and mini buses were used for travelling in Lahore but now the Chief Minister Punjab had started Metro Bus Service project for the people and was providing advanced transportation facilities, while CM Sindh keeping the old style, had not started any project of advanced transport.

Banglori said that the CM Sindh should know that the main reason of traffic jams in the city was qingqi rickshaws. He advised the CH Sindh to visit neighboring countries and make treaty of mega transport projects for his province and city.

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