Misuse of drugs creating resistance to antibiotics: Expert

Karachi: Imprudent and excessive use of drugs is Pakistan developing resistance to antibiotics in patients that used to seriously checked, said Senior Ear, Nose and Throat & Head and Neck Surgeon Dr Qaisar Sajjad on Monday.

Talking to PPI he showed deep concern over the growing trend of self-medication and uses of antibiotic medicines without prescription of qualified doctors in the country.

He informed that antibiotic medicines are clearly prohibited in viral, fungal and flu infections but majority of people used antibiotic medicines on the advices of non-qualified doctors or by their own. He said use of such medicines without prescription of specialist doctors is developing anti-medicines resistance among patients.

He explained that invention of antibiotic medicines was a millstone in the field of medical education and these medicines were successfully used in treating different bacterial infections. He said qualified doctors prescribe such medicines by keeping patient’s age, weight and severity of disease in mind. He said unfortunately mostly patients ignore the doctors’ instructions which is creating resistance to antibiotics.

He said although there are no national figures on self-medication are available but majority of people purchased medicines from medical stores on self-prescription basis. He said non-qualified homeopathic doctors and herbal practitioners are also contributing in this negative trend. He said sadly such malpractices are common in Pakistan.

Dr Qaisar said around 600,000 to 700,000 quacks are operating across the country, out of them one-third operate in Sindh. He said these quack are playing with lives of people as there is no mechanism in the country through which the authorities could monitor and take action against these fake doctors.

He said quacks are recommending high doses of inappropriate prescriptions to their patients. He said many herbal practitioners frequently prescribe antibiotics medicines to their patients. He said quack and herbal practitioners are not aware of diseases’ severity that is major factor behind the developing of antibiotic resistance in their patients.

He stressed the need of proper public awareness about the issue and elimination of self-medication trend. He said herbal practitioners should not be allowed to prescribe antibiotics to patients. He said medical stores should sell medicines to people on specialist doctors’ recommendation and only qualified doctors must be authorized to recommend such medicines.

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