More support demands for SME sector

Karachi: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME ) held a meeting at a local hotel at 27th June to celebrate the day as ‘the micro to medium sized enterprises day’ as declared as ‘World MSME Day’ by the United Nations general assembly.

President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver felicitated all stakeholders and appreciated the step taken by UN for giving recognition to the under privileged sector.

He said Pakistan needs to do more for the sector and ensure access to finance, uninterrupted supply of energy, conducive environment, land at concession on pay as you earn scheme, affordable duties on raw material imports, tariff protection and technological support.

He also emphasized that the sector needs to be encouraged, supported, facilitated and motivated as it is the majority sector, backbone of the economy and back forte of the large sector. It is engine of growth and vehicle for employment.

He lamented that the demand of the Union for SME specific bank, a strong SMEDA, a marketing support bureau, technical Institute, one window operation facility, SME liaison committee and early establishment of Exim Bank are not yet complied with.

He as chairman of Capacity Building Working Group under NFIS said the State Bank of Pakistan is dedicatedly focused on SME promotion but the other institutions are very slow and need to accelerate SME promotion on fast track basis.

Unfortunately the government has neglected SMEDA and has left it devoid of funds and personnel and now it has skeleton staff.

The other institutions which need to gear up are the PCSIR, NPO, EDB, BSF and also the chambers of commerce and the Federation of Chamber of Commerce.

Basically it is the seriousness of the government which matters and which is then reflected in others but when the government is lethargic then the sector suffers he concluded.

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