MQM holds mammoth public meeting to show solidarity with army

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement Chief Altaf Hussain on Sunday extended his unconditional support to Pakistan Army troops fighting militancy in North Waziristan and said that the entire nation stands behind the army in rooting out terrorism.

Addressing the MQM’s big public meeting at Jinnah Ground along Numaish Chowrangi, Hussain, said that he wanted to show the army that entire nation love them. A large number of MQM workers, activists, supporters and leaders participated in the gathering organized to show solidarity with Pakistan Army for fighting militants in North Waziristan.

Hussain along with the entire gathering gave a standing salute to the army soldiers fighting militants and observed a one-minute silence for the sacrifices rendered by security personnel in this fight.

He said that the army provided militants with several chances to retract from their ideology and return to the path of peace but they did not comply it. “The security institutions invited them to form a political party like other religious parties and govern the country if get mandate from people,” he said and added that they did not retreat from their ideology which forced the army to take action against them.

He said that the army and the people of the country were on same page against militants. “IDPs are suffering from problems due to their support to army for fighting terrorists,” he said adding that the nation should support IDPs.

Hussain said that after tackling terrorists, the nation has to tackle the menace of feudalism and corrupt politicians. He vowed to build society free of corruption, where nobody would loot the national wealth.

“We will build such a society where there would be no differences on the basis of sect, religion, caste, and provinces,” he said adding that MQM would introduce syllabus which would be same for the entire country.

The MQM chief said that the looted money of corrupt politicians would be brought back and their properties should be seized and converted into universities and colleges.

Hussain said that only Musharraf should not be tried under article 6 instead other clauses of the articles should also be implemented. “If Musharraf is jailed then a room for General Kayani should also be vacated adjacent to Musharraf for abetting in aborting constitution,” he said. He called for equal justice for the society and said that MQM would end honor killing from the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Awami Muslim League Leader Sheikh Rasheed said that MQM had taken lead in supporting Pakistan army from other parties and it was fighting side by side with the army in this fight against the extremist mindset.

He said that like Swat and South Waziristan operation, the army personnel would achieve success in North Waziristan operation. He criticized the government for neglecting IDPs and said that if the government did not allocate suitable funds for the rehabilitation of IDPs, then Pakistan would lose a winning fight. He said that the country was fighting its war for survival.

PPP leader Rubina Qaimkhani said that the armed forces were sacrificing lives for the sovereignty of the country. She said that political parties had always joined hands to take out country from difficult situations and they would also play their role this time.

She said that the rally was not only to support army but to save the sovereignty and integrity of the country.

Other political leader who expressed solidarity with armed forces in the rally were veteran politician Meraj Mohammad Khan, Ahmed Raza Kasuri (APML), Nusrat Sehar Abbasi (PML-F), Khawaja Nawaz (PAT), Haleem Adil Shaikh (PML-Q), Ahsan Shah (BNP-Awani), Jay Salik (Christian Community) and Mangla Sharma (Hindu Community).

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