MQM, PTI two faces of same coin: Pasban

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan general secretary and candidate for NA-246 by-polls, Usman Moazzam here Thursday said the MQM and PTI are two faces of the same base coin, as both are backed by the establishment and both are not capable to solve the problems of poor masses.

He said people of Karachi feels that the Tehreek-e-Insaf is the continuation of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM). He said both parties have nothing to do with the sufferings of poor masses of NA-246 and both are dancing on the tunes of establishment. He said its recent example is that the administration slapped unannounced curfew in Kareemabad area on the occasion of the visit of Imran Khan. He asked that if it was the promised change or Tabdili to harass and torment the residents and shopkeepers with such unannounced curfews on the occasions of visits and rallies of their leaders.

He said the people living near Kareemabad and Jinnah Ground have been facing immense problems and they are forced to shut down their shops and markets, forcibly. He said due to the unannounced curfew of Thursday thousands of students also faced problems to return home after their ongoing matriculation examinations from different examination centres of the area.

Usman Moazzam said it needs a brave leadership to bring a change. He said coward leaders who cannot move without very heavy police security cannot give their voters any security and peace. He said on one hand Imran Khan moves in the shadow of 50 police mobile vans, and on the other hand he (Usman Moazzam) has refused to accept two police mobiles offered for his security.

He said the political leaders should not torment common man on the occasion of their rallies and visits and normal life and trade should not be affected. He said the PTI seems to advance for conquering the people of Karachi instead of winning their hearts. He said the PTI leaders are visiting the NA-246 along with a hired crowd belonging to other parts of the city and it may provoke the local citizens.

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