Mumtaz Bhutto sees doubts in last poll veracity

KARACHI:,,, Veteran politician and PML-N leader Mumtaz Ali Bhutto said on Tuesday that in view of the protests by PTI and PAT in Islamabad, Lahore and other places, doubt has been cast on the veracity of the last elections.

Talking to visitors at his Karachi residence, Mumtaz said: “In Sindh rigging has been universally observed and policeman stamping ballot papers have been shown on TV screens all over the world. It is known to all that the people of Sindh rejected the PPP at the last polls and since then wherever re-examination and recounting of votes has taken place, thousands of bogus votes have been detected in the election of PPP top leaders.”

He said the PPP has been resoundingly rejected by the people, who had not allowed it to hide in the Bhutto name this time. He alleged: “There is no doubt now that the current government and assemblies are representatives of only the police and sycophantic bureaucracy.”

He alleged: “This however gives rise to a very dangerous situation.” Mumtaz said that the province was being run on a bogus and false setup of which the federal government must take immediate and strict notice to prevent a lot of harm to Sindh and the country as a consequence of there being no legitimate rule or authority in Sindh.

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