Mumtaz Bhutto vows to rebuild PML-N in Sindh

KARACHI: Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) leader Sardar Mumtaz Ali Bhutto said on Wednesday that after the reconciliation policy, PML-N has been reduced to naught in Sindh, but he has accepted the challenge of rebuilding it.

“He has been visiting villages, towns and cities in Sindh for this purpose but there is an air of hopelessness among the people who are sunk in the sea of lawlessness and corruption. If they are lucky enough to escape from criminals they are certainly hunted down by the police and bureaucracy,” Bhutto said while talking to people at Mirpur Bhutto.

The people are groaning under the burden of a government which they rejected at the polls and which has been forced on them through rigging. In their state of hopelessness, they seek protection from the federal government.

Politicians of today tell them that there is no last word in politics, meaning that they can sing different tunes on different days, which means that lies and deceit are the base of current politics, he said.

He further said that illiterate and deceitful people had converted politics into a dirty game and that was why after he won the election in 1993 and saw the chaos that gripped the Assembly, which had become a centre for hooliganism, decided never to contest again. He said that assemblies all over the world are centers of excellence where elected members express their intellect and political skills, but that is not the case today.

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