MVI advice ignored: Transport dept eyeing to legalize Qingqi rickshaws

KARACHI: Sindh Transport Department is eyeing to regularize motorcycle driven-three wheeler, commonly known as Qingqi, despite flaws indicated by motor vehicle inspection (MVI) department of traffic police.

Talking to PPI, transport department’s focal person, Yar Mohammad, said that Qingqi rickshaws was regularized in 2010 with the permission to carry four passengers excluding driver.

However, he said that the modified form of these rickshaw which carries almost eight to 10 passengers were not regularized but the government had formed committee comprising Secretary Excise and Taxation, DIG Traffic and other officials relevant to assess this rickshaw and regularize it.

He said that it was not possible for them to ban those rickshaws as people had spent millions on it and had become a source of their income, however, he said that loop holes in the vehicle would be removed in order to bring it on roads.

Meanwhile, speaking on the condition of anonymity, a Deputy Superintendent of Traffic police, told PPI that the motor vehicle inspection department of traffic police had ruled out possibility to bring this rickshaw on roads.

He said that assessments were made by MVI department and an expert of NED Transport Engineering department, Prof Shabbar Ali that labelled this vehicle as unsafe for travelling.

According to a copy of report prepared by MVI department of traffic police, 19 defects were indicated in the vehicle under general rules of Motor Vehicle Rules, 1969.

It included rule 152 (brakes), 153 (reversing), 159 (safety glass), 161 (windscreen wipers), Rule 188(2)(a)(i)(ii), 103 (protection of passengers from weather) and 169 (height).

The report said that the stability of this rickshaw is very poor as there is a chance of its overturning. It said that in running condition, the steering handle shakes and vibrates while in case of sudden emergency brakes, the passenger could fall out of the vehicle as it was open from all sides with no provision to enter or exit.

The report also indicated that the vehicle is to carry load of seven people including driver which is not possible as 100 CC motorcycle engine used in it was under power to carry this load and would ultimately result in rapid wear and tear causing smoke pollution.

The report also expressed its surprise over Provincial Transport Authority which accorded permission of this vehicle without performing any legal formalities.

It said that the permission could not be granted due to several flaws indicated by MVI.

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