NA246 by-polls seem fixed match: Altaf Shakoor

Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan president Altaf Shakoor Monday said that by-election of NA-246 Karachi seemed to be a fixed match, and Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf (PTI) has already forgotten its so-called ‘politics of principles’.

He was talking to residents and shopkeepers of the area, accompanied with Pasban candidate for NA-246 Usman Moazzam, Pasban Karachi chapter President Shaikh Mohammad Shakeel and other leaders.

He said in past the PTI had in past raised the slogan of a politics of principles but it seemed that they have forgotten their principles and the by-elections would be a farce. He said it is the responsibility of the government to ensure law and order situation in the constituency and hold the election in free and fair manner, leaving it for the voter to decide which party would represent the Karachiites: MQM, Pasban or PTI.

He said for a lasting peace in Karachi the Bani Gala-made tricks would not work. He said it is not the job of government to take sides, because the fake mandate never lasts forever. He claimed those forces who nurtured MQM in past are rearing PTI today. To save the Karachiites from one curse yet another curse is being slapped upon them.

However, Pasban President said that people of Pakistan want a change, but this should not be such a change that could be decided on a no-ball. He said the PTI fully knows this is not a fair play, but still their Captain has agreed to accept it. He said no change could ever be brought in the country with these foul plays.

He said the people want to see Pasban in power, but it seemed that the hidden hands have already taken some other decision. He said in this way a bad precedent is being introduced, which would further deteriorate the political situation. He said if the Karachi peace is desired the genuine political forces like Pasban should not be pushed against the wall. He said if the establishment really wants to bring the PTI in parliament they could do this even without holding elections and we would not object it.

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