Nation proud of sacrifices of martyrs: Haleem Adil

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Nation proud of sacrifices of martyrs: Haleem Adil

June 9, 2019

Karachi:Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) parliamentary leader in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the nation is proud of the great sacrifices of our martyrs.

According to details, Haleem Adil Sheikh participated in Qul gathering for Shaheed Major Moeez Maqsood Baig here Sunday, who had embraced martyrdom in Waziristan a few days back. He offered condolence to the father of Shaheed Major Moeez, Mirza Maqsood Baig and other family members outside the Masjid Hira.

Mirza Maqsood told that his son had met them recently and asked to take great care of them. He said he was proud of martyrdom of his son. He said we will fight the elements that are supporting our enemies. He said the whole Pakistani nation stands beside the brave Pakistan army.

Ahmed Maqsood, bother of Shaheed Major Moeez, said before the martyrdom of his brother they had a telephonic talk. He said his brother was also his close friend and he would miss him. He said; however, we all are proud of his martyrdom.

Later, Haleem Adil talking to media said that the aspirations and feelings of the father of Shaheed Major Moeez were a great source of courage and pride. He said the nations who have sons like Shaheed Major Moeez cannot be defeated. He said whole nation is proud of our martyrs. He said this country is safe and sound due to these great sacrifices.

Haleem Adil said Pakistan is on the path of progress and prosperity and it is not being tolerated by our enemies. He said the enemies of Pakistan do not deserve any leniency. He said whole nation stands shoulder by shoulder with our brave armed forces for the defense of our motherland.

On the occasion, PTI leaders Mustafa Hurrah, Muhammad Ali Hark, Muhammad Ali Sherwin, Imran Alma Siddiqui, Rena Azam, MPA Riaz Haideri and others were present.

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