Nations giving priority to education progress most: Feroz

KARACHI: “In order to bring the change, be the change. Those nations progress the most, which give priority to education. Everybody should personally play his role for the development of the country without just depending on the government,” said philanthropist and Chairman Efroze Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd Muhammed Abdullah Feroz.

He said while addressing a ceremony held in memorial of the victims of Army Public School Peshawar tragedy and to highlight the issues confronted by Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Degree College for Women, at Fatima Jinnah Auditorium in the college on Friday.

He said private sector must invest in welfare works; however, the government itself should also curb prodigality on luxuries. “I was just hearing on a TV channel last night that 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of British government, is even smaller than the servant quarters of our national leaders.”

Feroz vowed to provide facilities to the college such as well-equipped computer lab, science lab and other utilities of basic needs.

“It is a pity that we do not worry about spreading dirt and filth around us, contradictory to our religion Islam which stresses enough on cleanliness. While in Canada if you throw a litter on road you will be fined $500 for that. We are accountable to God for our actions, so everybody should watch what he does,” he rued over regular behavior of citizens regarding cleanliness issues.

He praised Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui and said people like him were a ray of hope in the darkness for our country and the duties he was regularly performing seemed impossible for a man.

The commissioner, while addressing as a chief guest, pointing his finger towards the picture of Fatima Jinnah in the auditorium, said the steadfastness and endeavoring of Ms Jinnah, the mother of the nation, was exemplary for the creation of Pakistan. He wished that every girl of the country be the same.

He lauded the services of the administration of the historical college for education and thanked Feroz for his generous act towards education. “Running institutions is not a job of the government alone, but every citizen should own this country for its bright future,” he said.

Siddiqui paid tribute to the victims of Peshawar school tragedy and said the incident had provided ground for unity of the nation and it had strengthened pillars of the state.

“The incident is a unique example of barbarity in history in which many students got killed and laps of mothers desolated,” he said.

The commissioner recalled the speech of a former British prime minister, when he was asked that what would be his first priority and he replied education. He was again asked what would be his second priority, he replied education and he said his third priority was also education.

Siddiqui said the journey of education would not stop despite hurdles. He also requested, on behalf of the government to philanthropists to spend on the education sector to facilitate the future of the nation.

Principal of the college Zakia Soomro said Khatoon-e-Pakistan College was an old institution and has enrolled over 4000 students currently. However, it unfortunately had not yet got a computer lab and a computer instructor as well.

She also requested from the government to upgrade the commerce section of the college. In the end, Ms Soomro presented souvenir and bouquet to the guests.

Sindh Director General of Colleges Nasir Ansar, Regional Director of Colleges Inam Ahmed, faculty of the college and a large number of female students were present.

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