Need stressed to boost bilateral relations with Egypt

Karachi: Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry – FPCCI High Profile Trade Delegation headed by Mian Mohammad Address, President, FPCCI attended the 22nd Meeting of the Board of Directors of Islamic Chamber at Cairo, Egypt on 7th – 10th November, 2015.

Ahmed El Wakil, Chairman Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce – FEDCOC warmly welcomed the delegates from Pakistan and the Embassy of Pakistan in Egypt showed great support and coordination towards the delegates.

The Meeting discussed the agenda related to the transforming Food Trade Exchange Forum into an annual regular forum along with the enhancement of Halal Food program and activities. Textile & garment Industry and the development of tourism industry will also be strategically planned in some of OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) Member Countries.

The inaugural meeting of Pakistan – Egypt Joint Business Council (JBC) was also held which was overdue as per the MoU signed on 15th December, 2006 between Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry – FPCCI and Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce – FEDCOC. The meeting was attended by the members of Joint Business Council of both the countries whereas Zubair Tufail was elected as a Co-Chairman of Joint Business Council from Pakistan.

Mian Mohammad Adrees, President FPCCI discussed the existing bilateral trade, economic relations and strategies to enhance the trade volume between Egypt and Pakistan; like holding of Single Country Exhibitions in Egypt and Pakistan on reciprocal basis. Both countries were agreed to remove the bottle necks and road block hampering bilateral trade between the two countries.

Mian Mohammad Adrees, President FPCCI also made a courtesy meeting with Egyptian President, Mr. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and conversed the trade issues about eliminating the trade hurdles between both the countries. The presidents of 35 Chambers of Commerce also attend the meeting.

President FPCCI further emphasized that it is important to have an efficient system for issuance of visas, as it is an important element in fostering bilateral economic and trade ties. Regulations should not be a cause for necessary inflexibilities. Rather, procedures need to be assessed and continuously modified to accommodate legitimate needs of both sides for all visa purposes.

Ahmed El Wakil, Chairman, FEDCOC assured the Pakistani delegates that a high profile trade delegation would visit Pakistan soon to intensify economic ties in public and private sectors. The Cooperation Agreement between The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicraft of Niger – CCIAN and FPCCI was also signed.