Need stressed to deweaponize society

KARACHI: Chairman of Citizens Trust Against Crime (CTAC) Shahid Abdullah said on Tuesday that all the crimes and violence should be rooted out from the society by its deweaponisation.

Abdullah said that they wanted to work with all the organizations and departments that are sincere to uproot crimes.

He was addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club (KPC). Naeem Siddiqui, Farhana Taoji, Nighat Mir and other group members were also present on the occasion.

“We urge the government to check weapon culture, illegal vehicles and unregistered & untraceable SIMs as all these things abet criminals in wrongdoings,” Abdullah said.

He asked from parliamentarians to pass a bill for deweaponisation of Pakistani society. He said that 30 percent of all the vehicles present in Sindh with official ‘green number plates’ are illegal. He said Pakistan Telecommunication Authority should take steps against 40000 illegal Afghani SIMs being used in Pakistan as these SIMs are usually used in crimes of kidnapping, terrorism and extortion.

Abdullah said that police’s job is not only to protect politicians but also common citizens.

He further said that recruitments, appointment and postings of police should be strictly non-political. The police must be tasked to use new technology, modern techniques and citizen-friendly methods to reform and transform itself.

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