Need stressed to improve revenue collection

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Need stressed to improve revenue collection

December 23, 2018

Karachi:There is a need of improving revenue collection, as the culture of evading taxes and duties is causing revenue loss to the government, and concerned departments should take notice in this regard.

In Sindh province like the rest of the country taxes, especially stamp duty, are evaded on large scale.

As per law stamp duty is required to be paid on instruments of transfer deeds and other transactions as prescribed by law at the rate stipulated under the Stamp Act 1899. It has been observed not only some individuals are trying to evade stamp duty but some companies are also not ensuring proper stamp duty on instruments of transfer or transfer deeds and in other cases where required, said Ahsan Bari, President Voice against Corruption NGO in a statement.

He demanded to discourage the culture of duty evasion as it is also harmful for government revenue collections and spending on them on public welfare projects.

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